Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Worst Date Ever Contest

For most people Valentine's day conjures up feelings of love, lust and warm fuzzies. However, if you've contributed to or read My Very Worst Date, you may have other thoughts on the subject of dating and love.

Co-founded by
Victoria Namkung and Jessica Ramakrishnan , My Very Worst Date is a compilation of some of the scariest bad date stories ever. Wondering what it is like to have dated the open mouth chewer; halfway house hunk (toothless to boot!) or 10 years older and 30 pounds heavier than the Match.com profile guy or gal? There's a story for that.

If you've got your own story to tell; a douche to shout out (no real names please -- but the description of tattoos and their placement can be helpful) and want to grieve online, click
here to enter the “Search For The Very Worst Date In America"contest. Entries are due by 12pm EST on February 12th.

Your date may have stiffed you when it came time to pay the bill but you can win $1,000 and that has got to make up for the precious hours you lost washing dishes at the Chicken Shack.

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