Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lladies Love: Boxing Kitten

You know you've arrived as a designer if Beyoncé is wearing your stuff! And Boxing Kitten founder/designer Maya Lake now has that distinction. Miss Lake began designing at 10 (!) and whipping up fabulous creations for her family and friends at 15. Boxing Kitten is a gumbo of funky prints and interesting shapes, reminiscent of traditional African-style prints. Instead of dashiki's, caftans, and head wraps, think pencil skirts, high-waist shorts, onsies, and flirty little dresses.

Solange was a fan from way back and in Ladies Lotto spirit, she introduced her sister and her entire crew to Boxing Kitten, as well. The line now has fans in Erykah Badu, DJ Rashida, Jack of J'Davey, and video director Melina, to name a few. And who else is wearing Boxing Kitten? Alicia Keys and Bey in the upcoming video for "Put It In a Love Song"! Go Maya!

Check out the super cute Boxing Kitten site and keep up with her on Twitter!
photo via Just Jared

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