Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Discovered! Dr. Chao Herbal Lady Drink

Discovered the latest, greatest concoction at Whole Foods yesterday called Lady Drink by Dr. Chao. Pictured above (for some reason the company chose NOT to show you the awesome fonts & cute little slogan "Ladies Love Lady Drink."

The drink is called a "herbal detox beauty" drink & it has NO CAFFEINE, NO CALORIES, NO SUGAR & NO PRESERVATIVES. And it actually tastes sooo GOOD!

Here's information from the website:

The Dr. Chao Herbal Lady Drink is an anti-PMS beverage, made with Herba Leonuri (Motherwort Herb), Saffron, Aloe, and Fructus Momordicae (Grovenor Momordica Fruit). Along with the other herbs, Herba Leonuri helps to provide the following benefits:
* Body detox
*Regulate the Symptoms of PMS and the Endocrine System
* Facial Skin Improvement
*Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging Benefits
*Alleviate Acne
*Promote Blood Circulation and Ovarian Health
*Weight reduction

Visit Dr. Chao's for more info on where to buy this amazing drink!

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