Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union Address 2010

Obama went fairly conservative with his State of the Union speech. The middle road seemed to have appeased Republicans & Democrats and perhaps angered many staunch supporters on the left. But bless the man for sticking to health care reform & emphasizing that he INHERITED this economic fiasco from the previous administration.

What was your reaction? Do you still have HOPE?

What did other women have to say about the speech? Latoya Peterson at Jezebel gathered quotes on the reaction from women. Like the one below. For more quotes check out the full length article here.

Danielle Belton:

9:50 PM: Obama points out the whole "we ain't got no money" situation. We has a surplus. We lost a surplus. We got more debt. We didn't pay for wars. Another reminder that we were broke before he even came here. "Just statin' facts!" he says.

9:52 PM: And the spending freeze that doesn't include defense goes over in Busboys like a lead balloon. The guy sitting next to me yells for John Lewis to sit down because MLK wouldn't have stood up for that ish.

10:00 PM: Obama calls out the party of no. Essentially telling Republicans to stop blocking progress for the sake of progress. Then talks about the waging of the perpetual campaign atmosphere in our government.

10:02 PM: Oooo. Did the President just tell the Democrats to stop being perpetual bitches? I'm liking this speech!

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