Friday, January 8, 2010

Pro Nails

Ladies, we all know we love our nails looking good and on point. It all started off with us growing up and wanting to be like mommy, rocking the red nail polish. However in our generation its about individuality, from the pinks the purples, orange, lime green and so on. However there is always the idea of doing some sick, 3-D avant garde designs. Who doesnt want to stand out amongst the crowd?
Melinda Mann Rivera, the founder of HER and HER Nails, has finally launched the new site which is definitely something to take a look at.

Yes thats kid sister and of course Cassie. To check out some of her other fly shit, go to->


imelectric said...

i love HER NAILS! this sunday she's doing a special in Venice. Email her!

Priscilla said...

word....i'm letting mine grow's hard cuz i've been chewing on them my whole life :(