Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haitian Relief Fundraiser

After the horrible situation in Haiti; The illustrators from Studio 1482 have come together to raise money for the cause. In dedication to such the tragedy, each illustrator has created a piece of art for the cause. Studio 1482 will be partnering up with CARE, a humanitarian relief organization, in raising the money. For every $50 or more donated to CARE a 13" x 19" limited edition print will be received. To participate go to care.org and click on donate now.When you receive your CARE receipt via email, forward that email and your choice of illustration print to haitianrelief@studio1482.com. (Please note: only the last four digits of your credit card number will be visible on the receipt.) Below are some of the art pieces you could choose from.

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Veronica Lawlor said...

Hello and thank you for this mention of our fundraiser. There are still prints available, so please come by OneDrawingADay to participate!

- Veronica