Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Climate Battlefields

Climate change lawsuits against corporations are gaining steam in US courts! From NY TIMES article "Courts as Battlefields in Climate Fights" by John Schwartz

"Kivalina, an Inupiat Eskimo village of 400 perched on a barrier island north of the Arctic Circle, is accusing two dozen fuel and utility companies of helping to cause the climate change that it says is accelerating the island’s erosion.

In recent months, two federal appeals courts reversed decisions by federal district courts to dismiss climate-change lawsuits, allowing the cases to go forward. In Connecticut, environmental lawyers joined forces with attorneys general of eight states and the City of New York seeking a court order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Mississippi, Gulf Coast property owners claim that industry-produced emissions that contribute to climate change increased the potency of Hurricane Katrina in 2005."

However, this doesn't mean these suits will ever see their day in court. Read more about the uphill battle to fight corporate polluters and have them take responsibility for destroying the planet and its inhabitants.

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