Wednesday, January 20, 2010

13-Year Old Girl Gets 90 Lashes For A Concealed Cell Phone At School

image courtesy of daily mail uk

Here's the deal. Saudi Arabia is deplorable. Forget the term 2nd class citizen, the country treats women like 7th class citizens.

There is an extreme policy of "sex segregation" - often times women in their own homes have separate entrances, cannot be seen in public without a family member have an literacy rate of 70% and less than 5% make up the workforce. With a 2008 Royal Decree, the only requirement needed to allow women to enter hotels are their national ID cards, and the hotel must inform the nearest police station of their room reservation and length of stay, however this happens with everybody staying in the hotel not just women. Before that they were not allowed to enter a hotel or furnished apartment without a chaperone.

According to Daily Mail "a 13-year-old girl has been sentenced to 90 lashes and two months' prison in Saudi Arabia after she took a mobile phone to school.

The punishment is harsher than dished out to some robbers and looters!

Saudi Arabia, a leading US ally in the Middle East, is an absolute monarchy controlled by the Al-Saud ruling tribe, and lacks any legal code."

Why is the US allying itself with a nation that has little regard for the rights of women? We stood up to nations like South Africa with its apartheid policy, shouldn't we do the same for sex segregation? Double standard much?

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