Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trina Presents Victoria Balenciaga

Out of all the ladies in the rap game Trina has made her mark as "da baddest bitch." She's been criticized and celebrated for her forthright attitude and raunchy subject matter but above all else Trina is an empowered woman in a very male dominated industry.

As many artists do, Trina released a mix tape under a pseudonym, Victoria Balenciaga, with guest appearances by plenty of high profile artists (see track list below).
Download the album here and make your hump day a little bit more special on us!

01. Sommore Intro
02. That’s My Attitude
03. I’m Goin In (Remix)(Feat. Nisha Rockstarr, Lil’ Wayne, And Drake)
04. Venus Vs. Mars (Remix)
05. Ego (Remix)
06. Break Up (Remix)
07. Every Dude (Remix)
08. Self Made Chick (Remix)
09. Knocks You Down (Remix)
10. Best I Ever Had (Remix)(Feat. Nisha Rockstarr And Drake)
11. Walking On The Moon (Remix)(Feat. Kanye West And The Dream)
12. Ring A Ling (Remix)
13. Skyline (Feat. Rick Ross)
14. Stop Hatin’ (Remix)
15. She Don’t Like Me (Remix)
16. Get Ya Money Up
17. Face (Feat. Rick Ross)
18. Pretty Money (Feat. Pretty Money)
19. Crazy (Feat. Pretty Money)
20. Never Ever (Remix)(Feat. Ciara)
21. Successful (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz And Drake)

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