Monday, November 9, 2009

Behind the Beast Redux

NYC's finest packed themselves into the Chart Room at the SoHo Grand Hotel to hear hand-picked panelists from the worlds of streetwear, photography, publicity, branding and fitness dish on the fashion industry. Over the years fashion has evolved beyond the pages of glossy magazines and the runway. The fashion industry is more pervasive in the lives of women than ever before.

Panel moderator, Ruby Veridiano-Ching and guest

Panelist and photographer Lynnette Astaire, guest and former LLNY Organizer, Rene Abdo

Behind the Beast NYC was illuminating indeed. The focus was on fashion but it was also an exercise in branding, marketing and perseverance. A brand doesn't develop a following over night. It can take years for a brand to take off and less time for it to crash and burn in this supersaturated environment. New female entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from streetwear maven, Leah McSweeny. She built Married to the Mob from the ground up; starting in her apartment and expanding to include investors when she felt the time was right and she trusted the people who were going to help her line get made.

Ladies Lotto founder, Natalie Blacker (center) and guests

A rich statement piece compliments the smooth taste of Marani Vodka

Panelists and HighSnobette founders, Samia Grand-Pierre and Lois Sakany

Once you're up and running it's important to maintain a foot hold.
“Do your market research, go out into the streets, stay under the radar and have people find you — you want to be the desirable one,” said Farah Malik, Co-Founder & Designer of A Peace Treaty. “And whether it’s yoga, writing, going to museums, develop who you are as a person. Make sure you have something to offer on a deeper level,” urged Lois Sakany and McSweeny. “Build your personal relationships and socialize more. You are never going to succeed sitting at home, so go out and have some fun.”

Guests celebrate an illuminating event with Marani Vodka cocktails

Guest reads the latest issue of fashion, body and beauty magazine, Self

Here’s a list of Ladies Lotto approved resources to help you get ahead:

Accion - Microlending and microfinance source
NY Business Library - Science, industry and business library
HootSuite - Professional Twitter client
Kickstarter - Funding platform for entrepreneurs
Make Mine A Million $ Business - Business competition for women

Behind the Beast gift bag contents

After the panel guests were able to explore their gift bags filled with goodies from Steaz, POP Chips, StrangeCo, Blume, Olay Beauty, LIFEbeat and powerHouse Books. Later guests had the opportunity to mingle with panelists in the Grand Lounge, while enjoying cocktails courtesy of Marani Vodka.

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Guests in stylish ensembles delight in the taste of Marani Vodka

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With reporting by Kristen Dolle

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