Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY bug spray for your plants

I've noticed a lot more mini bugs flying around the new plants in my apartment recently and have been very apprehensive about buying nasty bug spray. Thanks to today's post on Ideal Bite, I don't have to. Here's a great recipe for diy bug spray you can make at home sans the yucky chemicals.

What You Need:


1. Combine the neem-oil, dish soap, and water in a jug, and mix well.
2. Pour some of the mixture into your spray bottle, and store the rest under your sink for easy refills.
3. Spray the entire plant you're treating, including the underside of the leaves, once a day for 2–3 weeks until the pests are gone.

Carissa Potenza from
Greenspace NYC came up with this recipe, but she's also available for urban gardening advice, call for a consulting estimate (646-337-8318).
For supplies, try
LifeThyme Natural Market, 410 Ave. of the Americas (212-420-9099). Neem oil, $8/1 ounce.

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