Friday, July 10, 2009

Agnès Varda's 1981 Documentary "Mur murs"

Agnès Varda is one of the world's foremost filmmakers. In 1981 she released "Murs, murs" (walls, walls in French), a documentary about Los Angeles murals.

A note on IMDB explains:

"The French director Agnès Varda spent a couple of different years in Los Angeles, and this particular year produced her documentary "Murs, murs" and her fiction film "Documenteur". The title means "Walls, walls", but also puns with the word "murmurs." Varda located dozens of murals around LA and filmed them. Many of these are gone today, so this is a true documentary, documenting a wonderful aspect of southern Californian visual culture. She interviews the artists, a truly multicultural and multicolored group--and shows the paintings in their urban contexts. One memorable scene shows a mural at Venice Beach with young people dancing in front of it (probably near where their sons and daughters are roller skating or skateboarding now). An enjoyable movie by a European with deep aesthetic appreciation for marvelous, imaginative, colorful imagery that was considered throwaway pop culture at the time. "

(via Wooster Collective)

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