Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran's Joan of Arc

When viral video hit the internet, slain 27 year old Iranian protester, Neda (above) , becomes a symbol for Iran's current political unrest.

They are shaky, blurred images: A young woman collapses onto the pavement, a dark pool of blood spreads beneath her body. Two men kneel next to the woman and press on her chest, screaming. The camera phone which is filming her zooms in on her face. Her pupils roll to the side, blood streams out of her nose and mouth. "Neda, don't be afraid! Neda, stay with me. Neda, stay with me!" cries one man. Another man beseeches someone to take her in a car. Then the footage stops. (via Salon)

She has become a worldwide symbol of the struggle, for more info visit:

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