Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ladies Lotto April Lab Recap

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For all you naughty girls who missed our first LLab with Michelle Brassell at Citi Smith Barney, here are some important take away points regarding women and finance...

Action Step # 1 - Create a Support Network
  • Forge relationships with a trusted and objective network of professionals to help you sort through decisions you have to make.
  • The three main people being an Attorney, an Accountant, and an Advisor/Mentor/Guru of some kind, who can give you an objective perspective when making important decisions.

Action Step # 2 - Get Organized
  • Know what you have and where you can find it.
  • Make a list of items, where to find them, and who to contact regarding them.
  • Get a fire safe deposit box to hold all of your important documents and belongings.
  • If you're paperwork is all over the place, now is a great time to do some spring cleaning and organizing!!

Action Step # 3 - Set Your Goals
  • Take stock of where you are today
  • Figure out what you need for tomorrow
  • Calculate your net worth
  • Figure out your cash flow

Action Step # 4 - Invest Wisely
  • Feel out and define your personal risk tolerance. i.e. How much volatility you can stomach
  • Asset Allocation
  • Rebalancing according to life changes
  • Be completely comfortable with and trust your financial advisor...after all, they are handling YOUR money!

Action Step # 5 Consider the Unexpected
  • Things can change overnight and put you and your family's welfare and finances at risk
  • Try to plan for the "Just in case..."
  • Always have an accessible emergency fund

Action Step # 6 - Stay informed and Engaged

SO there it is ladies! Be sure to tune in for our next LLab in May, and keep the knowledge flowing!


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Stella said...

Thanks for these handy notes. Much appreciated and heard!