Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barefoot for a Day

Can't see the TOMS Shoes video? Visit the Ladies Lotto blog.

Take a load and your kicks off*. Today, TOMS; the purveyors of cute shoes for a cause are reminding us shoes are a luxury for many children in third world countries. The video above has some pretty sobering facts;

  • Some children have to walk barefoot for miles to get clean water and food.
  • The blisters and sores caused by going barefoot in unsanitary conditions can lead to deadly infections.
  • No shoes, no service -- often, shoeless children are not allowed to attend school.
When you're ready to put your shoes back on, walk over to your computer and order a pair of TOMS. You buy one pair and an adorable kid gets a pair for free!

Click here for more information and related events.

*Yes, I am currently barefoot.

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