Thursday, March 26, 2009

Martial Arts Marries Dance

Gingarte Capoeira Chicago is one of the foremost capoeira studios in Chicago, though in addition to capoeira, the Academy offers a diverse range of Brazilian oriented classes including dance, music, and language. Gingarte is also home to a performance ensemble, Gingarte Capoeira. Gingarte is dedicated to preserving the cultural significance of capoeira by promoting the art form through workshops and performances, and educating the community by making capoeira accessible to a broad spectrum of people.

Gingarte trains and practices under the tutelage of Contra-Mestre Marisa Cordeiro, who ranks among the highest female capoeiristas in the United States. She is well respected both in the U.S. and Brazil as a pioneer for women in capoeira.

Join Ladies Lotto as we learn the step-by-step of capoeira from the Gingarte masters.

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