Friday, March 13, 2009

Lady Skate

An impressive lady of the New York skate scene is boutique owner Amy Gunther, guest speaker for Ladies Lotto New York's March meeting.

Her passion for the skate culture resulted in the opening of the skate spot KCDC in 2001, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The store is a well-know within the scene and skaters all over pay visits regularly to cop great brands such as Vans, WeSC and Insight, browse through the vast selection of boards or practice new tricks on the mini ramp inside the store.

In July last year KCDC launched their first signature shoe, a Chukka Low collaboration between KCDC, graffiti artist Neck Face and Vans.

Go to Complex Magazine's Interview to read the story about this amazing skater girl and KCDC's shoe collection.

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