Monday, March 2, 2009

Eco Friendly Hotels

Do you travel for work or pleasure and feel guilty every time you check into a hotel knowing that housekeeping will be changing your sheets and towels everyday, dumping toxic bleach all over your bathroom and throwing away all the plastic bottles (or mini bar purchases) you've consumed? Just opt for a green hotel, where you'll get efficient lighting and water fixtures, alternative-fuel service vehicles, recycling, and if you're lucky, an organic mint on your pillow.

The benefits:
  • Lower energy lodging. Help decrease the $3.7 billion per year the hospitality industry spends on energy.
  • Healthier maid service. Some hotels use green cleaning supplies that minimize workers' exposure to toxic chems.
  • More than just free shampoo. Progressive hotels support habitat conservation programs and donate partially used soap and shampoo to people who can use it.

Traveling soon?

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