Monday, March 16, 2009

Artists launch ‘Free Store’ in lower Manhattan near Ground Zero

Artists have launched a “Free Store” in Lower Manhattan on Nassau Street near the area of Ground Zero that offers every item in its shop for the cost of nothing. According to an article in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, anyone can come in and browse through its goods. If they like it and need it (needing it being the only criteria for obtaining it) then they are welcome to walk out of the store with it - free of charge.

Items seen at the store range from apparel, footwear and accessories to art supplies to home accessories and even electronics. Artists Athena Robles and Anna Stein launched the store with a $9,000 grant from a local cultural body and the September 11 fund. After 18 months of planning, the store opened on Friday with the aim of giving back to those in need, while remembering the 9/11 tragedy. The transactions are accounted for on record books and customers are given a receipt.

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