Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fan Power

Promoting your music to the tastemakers at clubs, music venues and record stores should be your number one goal as a musician. Pick The Band: The Label makes this process pretty simple.

The alternative label put the fans in charge and helps bands get that deal they always sought for. They let the music lovers and the concert-goers be in control on the album releases. For bands the Grand Prize is a record deal with Pick The Band Records and the opportunity of a lifetime.

For the fans, this is truly where the fun begins. The label is powered by the input and participation of the fans.

Pick the Band will constantly be selecting fans to hang out in the studio, go backstage at shows, have private online chats with the bands and much more.

Pick the Band is also dedicated to preserving the relationship created by the fans and the artists they love by allowing the fans to have a say in how the artist they love is promoted and marketed. This will offer both creative freedoms for the artists as well the ultimate music experience for the fans

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