Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LLady Interview: Saint Agnes

Hi Jenn (aka Saint Agnes)! We here at Ladies Lotto will occasionally interview a LL member and find out a little about them. Just answer the questions and we’re good to go!
Let’s get the basics on you. What is your name, age, location, and occupation? Jennifer Wannarachue aka Saint Agnes Age 32 Brooklyn, NY Creative Director, Designer, Founder of Worship Worthy.

Where did the Moniker come from?
Just love the vintage feel of the name Agnes, and of course, being Worship Worthy makes you a Saint.

Awesome. How did you get to your present job and what are your favorite things about it?
I started the company in 2006 as an online trend newsletter and it’s expanded into a creative services company and apparel brand. My fave things about having my own company is the flexibility I have with my work hours.

How long have you been a member of Ladies Lotto and how did you find out about the group?
Been a member since 2008. Was receiving the emails but attended my first meeting with the nudge of my friend Nina from Valley.

Do you have a Ladies Lotto-related story you care to share?
Ladies Lotto online group has been extremely helpful in regards to shared resources. I’ve found interns, made window signage, sponsored great events, etc all through communication on the LL group.

How did you become involved with Worship Worthy? Founder of WW, see question #3

Worship Worthy is quite an eclectic brand – what is your role within the company and what is your favorite aspect of it?
I do everything- apparel design, write for the site, design logos, fliers, handle sponsorship opportunities, PR and sales for clients. I have 2 partners that are like my sounding board but no one else is involved in the day-to-day details except for me. My favorite aspect is designing the apparel since that’s been my passion since I was younger and also the field I’ve had most of my experience.

What is your prediction for the overall fashion hit of 2009?
Loose fitting jeans and body conscious dresses.

Who or what inspires you? Punk and indie music, leather, metals, masks, mystery, black.

Any big personal plans or goals for 2009? How about career-wise?
I have a feeling I might be receiving an engagement proposal from the love of my life this year. Career goal is to keep growing my brand through out the recession. Slow and steady.

Any other fun things you want to share with the Ladies?
Worshipworthy.com is relaunching in the next couple weeks with some fun new features. Feel free to send me any press releases or things for product review to be featured on it. I’m always open to give my fellow Ladies some shine on WW if your product fits our demographic!

Thanks so much Jenn for taking the time to share all of that with us! It was lovely to e-meet you and we all loved getting to learn more about you and the fantastic Worship Worthy. xx

PS: Worship Worthy is sponsoring Lovers Rock this month including tonight's party at APT!

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LauraBell said...

you have such nice hair Jenn!! and of course WW is amazing!!