Friday, January 23, 2009

Call the Doctor!

Album you cannot live without #5: Sleater Kinney - Call the Doctor

Sleater-Kinney is bad to the bone. Taking their name from a highway exit near Olympia, Washington these three ladies came screaming out of the early 90's riot grrrl scene. Call the Doctor is SK's second album, going beyond Hello Kitty barretts & cunt written across the belly, these ladies write/sing about internal girl frustration – from being dismissed to being downright discriminated – while the music rails with a provocative edge.

With universal themes, a track like Good Things eloquently describes anyone's post-break up blues with lyrics "Got this feeling when I heard your name the other day, couldn't say it, couldn't make it go away...we can't be friends we can't be enemies." Lead singer Corin Tucker's voice is menacing, very distinctive, nervous and intense, but its also fun. The song I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone playfully crosses the once rigid gender lines of a rock n roll star, "I wanna be your Joey Ramone, pictures of me on your bedroom door, invite you back after the show, I'm the queen of rock & roll." The whole album will make you want to the hell rock out plus its truly an important part of musical herstory.

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