Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheap Tattoos For A Cause

Bad news is all around these days, job loss, wallstreet corruption, slowing retail sales you name it.
In an effort to help out and cheer everyone up the Lower East Side Tattoo parlor Daredevil is running a recession special meant to bring people in to the shop affordably and help out those most affected. This Saturday Daredevil is offering a special sheet of designs for a bargain price of $50 per tattoo. These are the facts:
  • A special sheet of designs will be offered at a price of $50 per tattoo. The usual shop minimum is $100.
  • On December 20th 100% of the cost of each tattoo will be donated by the shop and the artist doing the tattoo.
  • $40 of each tattoo will go towards Food Bank NYC.
  • $10 of each tattoo will go towards animal rescue shelters. We have selected a no kill shelter deeply affected by the foreclosure crisis in Nevada.
  • After December 20th Daredevil will continue to offer the special designs and will continue to donate the shops percentage to the selected charities
174 Ludlow Street
New York, NY

1 comment:

swirlgirls said...

That's tight! I appreciate that all of the money is going toward charities. It makes me wanna get tatted up. Brilliant, Daredevil!