Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buy a Boob

Hi Ladies,

This Friday my studio mates and I are going to be having a holiday party and friend's and family sample sale (invite to follow).

Jacqueline (our resident photographer) is going to be selling boobs!

The plan is for her to take a polaroid of as many single boobs (singular - like just one boob) as possible, and then people can buy a boob from a bin of boobs.

A % of the profits will go to her sister's http://www.letsrockandroll.net/">breast cancer organization.

So, we're in need of as many breasts as possible before Friday evening.
There would be no indication of whose boob is in any of the pictures - no one would even know that you participated (unless you told them).

Let me know if you are up to swing by the studio and have a polaroid taken of one of your melons. It would be mucho appreciated.

Our studio is on North 10th Street between Bedford and Driggs. L train to Bedford.


Tara on behalf of Jacqueline and the team at Hooligan Studios


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