Friday, December 19, 2008

Biodegradable Credit Card... an oxymoron?

Discover launched their biodegradable credit card “in response to greater consumer interest in green products, and we hope this will appeal to those interested in living a greener life,” Discover publicist Laura Ingiss wrote in a press release.

“The biodegradable Discover Card is another way for environmentally conscious consumers to do their part to help protect our planet,” said Kelly Tufts, director of marketing planning and strategy at Discover. “The card itself is made of biodegradable PVC, which breaks down 99% in nine months to five years in soil, water, compost, or whatever microorganisms are present (e.g. landfills or composts). Plus, the card leaves no toxic effect on the environment,” she wrote in an email.

But how green can a credit card really be if serves to encourage consumption? Read more here.

Happy holidays ladies, take it easy on the spending if you can.

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