Friday, November 28, 2008

Interview with The Regal Vegan

I was introduced to Ella Nemcova of The Regal Vegan by a mutual friend and have been fascinated by her company ever since. Below are her answers to a few questions I had. Happy post-coma day everyone!

Tell us a little about yourself, what do you want the ladies to know?

I'd love the ladies to know that indulgence needn't be bad for you. This is not junk food vegan - this is the kind of food nutritionists recommend to their clients. And I sincerely believe this kind food helps people live happier, healthier lives and is preventative medicine for much of what burdens our healthcare system. This whole business venture is an experiment in happy marriages. Filling, hearty, delicious well-rounded food that actually makes you feel better after eating it - instead of giving you food coma, guilt or a jelly belly in the morning. And it's not vegan to be exclusionary. It's vegan because it's purer. We aspire to a higher standard here. We use all organic foods, no refined sugars, no gut-busting gluten, local, seasonal and sustainable foods and everything is made with love. People say they can taste it!

What made you start The Regal Vegan?

I used to do a detox every 6 months. Then slowly... return to normal eating, drinking, living. Then the last time I did it, it just clicked. I felt SO good eating Regal Vegan style, that I said to myself, WHY would I eat any other way? Pounds fell off me, my skin glowed, bags disappeared out from under my eyes, even my toughest critics where like, WOW what are you doing? You look younger. So, I started developing recipes that fit into detox parameters, essentially to prolong the cleanse feeling. Eventually I had a huge arsenal of recipes and my friends did that "I'll have what she's having" thing. And so, The Regal Vegan was born.

What are your goals for the future of TRV?

I'd love to do more catering, and would love to open a cafe. It's my wish for this kind of balanced, nutritional, yummy food to be available to everyone. Regal Vegan products in stores - people have said my paté is to die. See some of my testimonials here.

Who is your typical customer?

There is quite a range. I get a good deal of smart, sassy ladies, happy hippie/yuppie couples - who also feed it to their kids (!), families with health issues (diabetes, celiac), and people trying to clean up inside. I think typical is me - just old enough to understand how important nutrition is from the inside for beauty/health on the outside.

Who would you like to have as a typical customer?

I love my typical customers. I couldn't imagine a more supportive or understanding clientele. However, I would like to have Natalie Portman, Stella McCartney, Moby and Erykah Badu. I also wouldn't mind having the Dalai Lama over for dinner. I think I could learn a thing or two.

Who should cleanse and when?

People should cleanse when they are feeling sluggish, stuck, frequently sick, bloated, losing color in their face, passion for life, having digestive problems, depressed, stressed and those seeking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, Unless you have health problems or are pregnant just about anyone can benefit from a cleanse. It's a great way to discover if you have any mild food allergies, what foods work well/poorly in your system and to see how good you can actually feel.

Any eating tips for the ladies of ladies lotto?

I don't know the ladies of the lotto, but i imagine they want all the things the rest of us want: to look great, feel great and eat whatever they want. My tips are these: Eat till you're full, and not after that. Eat well 90% of the time, splurge the other 10%, and enjoy every morsel. Eat more vegetables than anything else in your diet. Eat brightly colored foods. Spend more time respecting/knowing/understanding your food. Be grateful for the food before you, and the effort involved in getting it to you.

As a sign of sisterly love, Ella is offering a 10% discount on all first time orders from Ladies Lotto members... just mention LL when you order, and enjoy the fabulous, healthy food!

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