Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bicycle Commuter Act

Starting in January 2009, people who use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation for their work commute will be eligible for a $20/month, tax-free reimbursement from their employers for bicycle-related expenses. In return, participating employers will be able to deduct the expense from their federal taxes.

The Bicycle Commuter Act amends the federal tax code, allowing employers to offer employees this benefit. If you bike to work, ask your employers if they can provide this benefit. Employers can click on the links below to learn more about this and other commuter benefits for your employees.

Bike Credit FAQs

Accor Services USA


Don’t forget to bike, walk or carpool to the voting booth on November 4th! Visit for carpooling assistance.

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theloadingdock said...


I saw your website & have similar ideals on empowering a community. I am working on a community project to facilitate bike safety in NYC. I am working with Transportation Alternatives on specifically having more access to indoor parking. I like your site & would love to get the word out to bikers in your community to see what needs they have.
thanks -