Monday, October 20, 2008

Apache Beat - Punk Power Pop

A group of Brooklyn based party people named Apache Beat is playing on a stage near you, two occasions this week, hosted by the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Apache Beat is a five-piece band from NYC that play happy pop rock influenced by electronic synth new wave tunes.
The band possesses a punkish powerful attitude but also carries melancholic feelings and the music can occasionally be a bit on the dark side. Their music is being supported by the powerful voice of singer Ilirjana. Also the editor of the online music mag The Pop Manifesto.
Apache Beat is as indie as you can be, with no label to back them up. Fans have been waiting for their first release and have been satisfied with a couple of demos so far. But in March 2009 Apache Beat is their debut album will be put on the market. In line with CMJ music marathon Apache Beat is releasing their first single from the new CD.

Join these talented brooklynities when they are hitting town and performing October 21 at The Annex and October 25 at The studio in Webster Hall.

October 21, 8:00pm
The Annex, 152 Orchard St @ Allen St, New York

October 25, 8:00pm
The Studio @ Webster Hall
125 E. 11th Street, New York

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