Thursday, September 4, 2008

"WOMAN" @ FusionArts

Those of you who live in NYC have probably walked by FusionArts Museum a zillion times. Located at 57 Stanton Street, the museum facade does not bear a written name but instead, fittingly, has a piece of fusion art built right into the storefront. (Fusion is art that combines various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, video projection, light, sound and movement.) After many years of being curious, I stepped into the museum last week and met the lovely museum director Deborah Fries, a native who remembers the 1980s New York art scene as "organic and passionate" and looks sadly at the high-priced, self-promoted and over-blown gallery culture of today.

The title FusionArts "Museum" is a little misleading, as the artwork is very much for sale, but unlike most galleries, FusionArts takes a very small percentage of the profits from sales, passing a larger portion to the artists. The organization is supported by a non-for-profit,
Converging Arts Media Organization, a charity whose mission is to promote fusion art and the artists who choose to create work in this genre.

Deborah gave me a sneak peak of "WOMAN, an exhibit of art about women by women", which will open this Sunday evening, 7 - 8 PM. Stop by and grab a beer, flavored ice and view the fabulously feminine artwork. Tell Deborah that you're from Ladies Lotto and she will tell you the stories behind the pieces in the show. Be sure to ask about the ferocious inspiration for "Ban the Bra" by Dulcie Dee.

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