Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reinvigorating Political Action - Back in the Game!

It's been a long week in politics. The RNC came in like Hurricane Gustav. We knew it was coming and thought it'd hit harder than it actually did. However, the damage has been done and the nation has been reinvigorated, albeit be it in fear of another four years of Republican rule.

For the first time in years, I have been moved into going beyond caring about election results but acting upon my convictions. As a once die hard politically minded individual who at the age of 13 subscribed to Mother Jones, The Nation, The New Republic (and of course, SASSY) , who has worked with Arianna Huffington, National Lawyers Guild, Rock the Vote and The Feminist Majority to name a few, I had lost interest in the process. It wasn't a question of apathy but more of a feeling that no one is representing me and others like me. After Bush stole the election in 2000, I lost my faith in America. I will admit it. I know many of you feel the same.

The mantra of our generation: Republican or Democrat - who cares, they are all the same! I spoke it loudly too. But I can no longer only be a critic at the DJ'd brunch I am attending with all of my cool, stylish friends who share the same opinion.

I am not a registered Democrat but this current political climate, in it's continuous shift to the right, it's unbalanced Capitalism and embracing of misinformation, the lack of foresight and world affairs, has moved me to action. After Gov. Palin's stylish speech evoking culture war, I made a donation to the Obama campaign. My first political contribution in years.

Here I am watching Sunday morning political commentary shows, something I haven't done in a while. Joe Biden's interview on Meet the Press was impressive, when asked about his apparent in congruent voting record for choice with his Catholic faith and personal perspective on life beginning at conception his response was what all politicians and people should echo. Faith is personal and should not dictate public policy and other people's right to make choices best suited for themselves. The humility in faith is by all means one characteristic we often forget.

I feel the need to reach out and stress that as a community, we can move mountains! We've done so with art, music, film and other forms of culture already. We can create a better place in this world for not just our children but for ourselves, for our parents and grandparents. A place for our neighbors, our brothers and sisters across the globe. We can rise up and say "we are no longer going to let business as usual happen." Obama will bring change but he is more of a metaphor for us as a community, as a network to create movement and action.

What do I mean by action? Voting, talking to people, blogging, calling your representatives. Sending the right wing part of your family information. Reading! Seeing through the guise of speeches, looking to the real issues, educating yourself about how it all effects you. It all makes a difference, consciousness starts with you.

With that, here are a series of eye-opening articles about the RNC, McCain and Sarah Palin:

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And of course, The Daily Show on Palin.

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