Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin's Ladies Lotto Application is Rejected

Dear Sarah Palin,

Thank you for applying to Ladies Lotto. As a community of support for the intelligent, sophisticated "cool girl" set, we are always looking for like minded ladies to join. We commend you for your leadership and oratory skills. However, your old boy divisive politics and right wing agenda are not characteristics of Ladies Lotto. As a community organizer, I was appalled by your dismissive derogatory comments about our role. We are proudly going beyond simple networking, opting to change culture and the way in which women work together.

We appreciate your interest but do not feel that you would make a positive contribution to our network. We wish you all the best post-election when you return to your state of population 670,000. If you would like to re-apply, please do not do so until you have made an effort to educate yourself on basic tenets of women's studies, culture, the system of democracy and other world views.

Warm Regards,

Natalie Blacker
Ladies Lotto Founder & Director

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Gina said...

Oh good to see she's got a good new media marketing campaign.