Friday, September 5, 2008

17 versus 28

Twenty-eight years old and pregnant is no easy task. I have to work full-time. I can't just decide to not work and stay-at-home. I forget many things (keys, phone numbers, people's names). And my emotions are running on overdrive. Therefore, I could not imagine being 17 and pregnant.

Whatever side of the table you are on (pro-choice or pro-life) everyone has to agree that raising a child is no easy task. It is a full-time job no matter what age you are. The difference between myself and Bristol? She will have other people around to help her 24/7/365 and guide her and take care of everything; and I'm not talking about her "redneck" soon-to-be husband. She will most likely have two 12 hour shift nannies, car service, and every conceivable gadget.

The question is, would she have had all of this if her mother was not running for VP? My mother had me when she was 17 years old. The outcome: My paternal grandparents raised me. Would Sarah and Todd do the same thing for Bristol? Most likely, what's one more kid when you already have 5.

I could not fathom being pregnant at 17 and going through everything I've been through these last 8 months at twenty-eight. I've lost friends, gained new ones, lost family, become closer to others, broke up with my bf about 4 times, cried about 100. All the while trying to hold it together for someone who I've never seen but only felt. Its a lot of responsibility, more than I could handle at 17.

The issue is not about Bristol having sex, most teens are having sex. I was having sex at her age as well. The issue is what if any, will the child miss out on having a parent that has probably never read The Great Gatsby or even know who Kofi Annan is. I'm not doubting her intelligence but I know that I surely did not have the critical thinking skills I have now at the age of 17. If I had I probably would not have had sex at 17.

But I do wish her the best of luck. She has a long road ahead of her.

Lenox Davis Out.

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