Wednesday, August 20, 2008

White Hart Recycled

Our friends Rebecca Diaz and Lan Phan have launched an online boutique, White Hart Recyled, filled with recycled and vintage accessories for men and women.

With a passion for high-end and one of a kind vintage accessories, denim, leather, military memorabilia and footwear. They take great pleasure in scouring for rare gems where most shoppers will not tread. Traveling throughout the world searching for unique, quality upmarket and vintage accessories. Whether it be high-end consignment stores, estate sales, local artisans, designers, stylists, antiques markets or our mothers' closets, they've scoured high and low to bring you the loveliest recycled accessories they could find.

Plus, one of the unseen benefits of shopping vintage is reducing your carbon footprint. Vintage is not only stylish, it's the next level of recycling. Why buy new when you can reuse, restyle and go retro?