Sunday, August 17, 2008

Letting Go of Perez

I've been addicted to Perez Hilton since March, ever since I added the subscription to my google reader. It's been a tool for distraction. Whenever things get crazy with a project I stop and check the latest. At first it was more in line with not being able to stop staring at an accident. Then it moved in to a disbelief of the "importance" of celebrity culture. Soon after it was pure fascination and finally, just a a regular part of the routine.

I never cared for or followed celebrity culture like this before. Sure, I was aware of it, it's totally pervasive in our culture. I went to grad school for Media Studies and I am a "fan" of the Frankfurt School and critical theory. I am NOT supposed to buy into the gossip machine. But somehow it was like I was huffing computer cleaner, I just couldn't stop! It was killing too many of my brain cells and causing severe delays with work.

So today I kicked the habit. Went COLD TURKEY and unsubscribed from the feed. There's a possibility I might go back but with help from friends I think I can overcome. I don't care how effed up Amy Winehouse looks or if Lohan & Ronson ever come out publicly. I cannot waste anymore time and braincells!!!

For those of you who share my addiction, please feel free to contact me in support. YOU TOO CAN STOP READING CELEBRITY GOSSIP!!