Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its Been A Long Time!

I missed you ladies,

First let me apologize for the lack of postings I've done. Being pregnant has really taken a toll on my social skills. I have been on a serious emotional roller coaster, especially with my bf. He's doing the best he can but damn it he annoys me most of the time. Yet all I want to do is be next to him from the minute I go home to the minute I go to sleep and again when I wake up. I am generally not an emotional person nor do I usually want to always be with my bf but damn it this kid must really like his dad because that's all he wants.

The baby has been growing steadily and since I am 31 weeks now (WOW!) I am so close. I'm more in control of my emotions, okay wait that is a lie. I started taking my Lamaze class at Roosevelt Hospital. My teacher, Harriet Barry, is the best. She is honest and open and realistic. And she actually keeps my bf's attention (which is no small feat).

The baby shower is coming together as well. The theme is "Going to the Movies." Special shout out to LL member, Chanelle Goody, my personal event planner. She's awesome. Plus I made it really tough for her since I refuse to have an abundance of baby cliches.

Well again, I miss you ladies and I'm back!

Lenox Davis Out! But Not Gone...

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