Saturday, August 30, 2008

Growing Up In The Bush Era: Now What?

Venus Zine is a nationally available magazine that celebrates DIY creativity, cultural happenings and musical diversity. The Fall issue, with Kid Sister on the cover, will be on newsstands on Sept. 1st.

There is an article in this issue entitled "Growing Up In The Bush Era: Now What?" featuring a section "Anarchist on the fence", where they interview LL's Bambi Weavil on her political views, what issues are important to her in her voting and (of course) discussing of her generation. It's a positive article because it allows for Bambi's (perhaps) alternative definition of anarchy-- causing positive change and an open revolution-- and how, although her parents are Conservative, they still taught her to value her intelligence and as a result, she is an activist, artist and news junkie.

Bambi Weavil is the CEO of Out Impact, Inc. an online national gay publication. She also writes regular music columns for, regular wrestling columns at, and is also a talent agent at; her talents including two former WWE divas, a psychic medium and a great band from Baltimore!

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