Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Perfect Angel

Album you cannot live without #3: Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel

Minnie Riperton's career began at a young age, she sang back up for legends like Etta James and Bo Diddley (RIP). In 1973 an intern at Epic Records rediscovered a demo by the then semi-retired Riperton living as homemaker in Gainsville, Florida. The demo tape was taken directly to the VP of A&R at Epic, Don Ellis, who immediately signed Minnie (who had a vocal range of five and a half octaves). Perfect Angel was recorded and released in 1975 with tracks including rock-soul anthem "Reasons," the second single, "Take A Little Trip," and the third single, "Seeing You This Way." As the record's sales began to slow, Epic was ready to move on. However, Ms. Riperton had another idea. She convinced them to release what is now probably her most famous hit and fourth single,"Loving You". The liner notes from the album state "Loving You" was recorded for her daughter Maya Rudolf (of SNL fame). Minnie's voice is so sweet, so soft, so unbelievably angelic its ashame she passed away of breast cancer at the young age of 31.

Watch her perform "Loving You" live here and feel the back of your spine tingle when she hits those high notes.