Thursday, June 26, 2008

Official Selection

Graham Tabor willingly describes his collection as being akin to an archaeological dig. Tattered and torn, yet intricate at the same time; his pieces evoke the feeling of coming full circle -- intertwining the past and post-apocalyptic future.

Although it's a menswear line there is no doubt Boudica and her Iceni warriors; both male and female would feel at home in this unique finery.

2008 Festival International De Mode D'Hyeres: Graham Tabor
Saturday, June 28th
15:00H - 18:00H

Ter et Bantine Gallery
Rue D'Argenteuil 27
750001 Paris

Photography by Miguel Villalobos
Installation by Kristin Victoria Barron (Ladies Lotto), Graham Tabor & Miguel Villalobos

Press: Franca Soncini +39 02 58 10 55 20 or
Contact: +33 06 68 14 90 11 or