Friday, June 6, 2008

Noguchi Museum

The Isamu Noguchi Museum is my favorite place in the NYC area to relax and think, sketch or read. Noguchi was a sculptor and architect known for using natural materials to create balanced and peaceful forms. His museum very much captures this vibe, the industrial space opens into an atrium garden (where Noguchi's ashes are scattered) with lots of shady seating areas. The museum is off the beat and path (though very easy to get to) so it is often deserted and always quiet. Cavernous interior spaces with slits of windows protect from views of outside traffic but let in natural light. Highlights from the permanent collection are going on view next week, Noguchi's work is lovely but the good energy of the space is really what keeps me coming back.

For more Noguchi, check out the sunken garden at the pedestrian plaza in front of the Chase Manhattan headquarters. It is one of the nicest public sculptures in the city.