Monday, June 16, 2008

It Has A Penis!

Today was the big day, sort of. Today was the day that my boyfriend and I found out the sex of the baby. Now let me just point out that, I didn't really want to find out, but my bf was very adamant. He wants us to plan things out, understandable.

Prior to going we had a huge argument. I was frustrated and really did not want to speak to him. Hey it happens. My words "let's just do this thing." Well the technician was awesome. She told me every little detail of what she was doing. "Here is the cerebellum." "And those are the ventricles." "And there is the 4 chambers." It all looked gray to me. She was so nonchalant that when she said "it's a boy," I had to say "excuse me?"

We were instantly happy and elated. We both made up and apologized. Wow. This kid has some power already. Amazing. We both were hoping its a boy but to really know is wonderful. I text "It has a penis" and called a bunch of people to let them know. Responses: "U go girl," "Yay, a boy!" "Just what you wanted," "LMAO. Damn I must be the only p***y this year," "Another pimp in the family," "I'm going to hope you mean its a boy," "Damn, damn, damn," and my favorite "Congrats on the penis." And I received way too many "Awww's!" They should know me better than that.

Well I'm way to excited to do any kind of work today. I should have taken the day off. Now I'm just worried about all the urine I'm going to have to smell in the bathroom. Yikes!

Lenox Davis Out!