Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Cookie Controversy - Cindy vs Michelle

I'm sure most of you have heard about the First Lady to be cookie recipe showdown for Family Circle magazine and subsequent cookie controversy. It's astonishing that today this is a deemed worthy venture for women in the political realm. Let's face it, they may not be on the ticket but these ladies are sure in the running.

I wonder if it's more appropriate to ask Michelle and Cindy to another kind of showdown? Like a style challenge? How about giving them both a budget of $1000 with each having to come up with the best day to evening outfit? Ok, maybe that's still in the realm of cookie recipes. Perhaps another challenge, one that is more in the realm of reality? Maybe Michelle can provide us with the name of her stylist? And Cindy can provide us with how to stay off of prescription medications? With all sarcasm aside, aren't we ready to view a First Lady as more than a cookie baking stylish being? YES WE ARE.

With that said, I'd like to see these First Ladies in waiting challenged on a level we can acutally relate to. Provide us with a recipe for maximum financial potential in this dire economic time or how to decrease our carbon footprint or even how is we can be successful in our professional lives and find personal fulfillment. Those are the challenges we need to see as they are important and speak to our everyday lives and concerns. The cookies and clothes, leave it up to the experts (your assistants and stylists). We want a new First Lady for a new America.