Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who's Crib is it Anyway?

Yesterday I had a long text message conversation with Rachel, a friend I have known since I was 10 years old. She is pregnant with her third, she really likes kids for some strange reason. So we are going back and forth about baby showers, decorating, and cribs. She is throwing a huge extravaganza for her "last one." I asked if she was buying a crib, she replied, no only a bassinet because all of her kids slept with her.

Well I had to start asking around. A few of my girlfriends said the crib was a waste of money. Only one said that she actually was able to get some use out of it. She purchased a convertible one that her daughter still uses.

I went to Babies 'r' us and found a crib that I actually did like. It was cherry oak wood, but unfortunately you can't purchase it online. Get with it Toys 'r' Us. Anyway, there are so many types and styles to choose from its a daunting task that I am not ready to tackle. Oh and the prices, my goodness. From a modest $350 to even $2000. This round crib made by All Things Creative
is cute but at $1530 not worth the one time usage.

My solution:
1. If you have a friend who just recently had a baby AND you actually like the crib, grab it if you can. 2. If not expect to do a lot of shopping around and not just on the web. Looks are always deceiving.
3. If your kid wants to sleep with you cool, if not put him/her in the crib and get some sleep (that's what I plan to do).
4. And remember its not what you spend on a crib. Its what you get out of it.

Lenox Davis Out.