Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Quite Mother's Day

As everyone in the world knows, thanks to Hallmark, that yesterday was Mother's Day. Now as a mother-to-be I found this holiday a bit unnerving. I really did appreciate the phone calls and text messages from family and friends; and being pampered by my boyfriend was great. But for some reason, I do not consider myself a mother just yet. Is that weird? My thinking... the kid isn't here yet so let's not call me a mother too soon. The other weird thing was, I was also a bit upset by people who didn't call. smh. I think its the hormones, I can't seem to make up my mind.

This is also a tough time for my boyfriend since his mother is no longer here and this holiday reminds him of that every year. Not that he ever forgets. So I've decided, since I don't celebrate X-mas, Easter, and all those other holidays this is one more that will be on the list. I figure I'll celebrate the first year as a mother next year but after that I'm done.

I'll be a mother everyday, he'll be a father everyday. No reason to make a big deal out of one day.
MothersDayCentral has some useful information the history of Mother's Day. Note: a name is mention that we thought would be a great baby's name. Can you guess?

Lenox Davis Out.