Thursday, May 8, 2008

LA Vintage Expo SATURDAY (and sunday)

So, compared to the Manhattan Vintage show, the LA version is a bit are the prices. Last time I scored handmade, hand-embroidered suzani leather boots from the early 1900s (at the latest) for umm....$45. Also, at the Manhattan one you have to avoid celebrities (i never knew elvis costello was so tall and kyra sedgwick so small) and all the 20 somethings from Gap, Urban, Anthro, FP (sorry, that was me), Abercrombie and all the others snapping everything up on the corporate card before you can get to it. At the LA one the only person I saw was Cory Kennedy, and as I rarely get my inspiration from someone in high school I pretty much had a clear path to whatever I wanted.
In any case: its this weekend:
Sat 5/10 - Sun 5/11 (10:30AM) at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main St. , Santa Monica, CA

Ten bucks gets you an all-weekend pass (which you can then pass on to friends for sunday).