Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Campaign Alert - Surrender McCain

Of course Ladies Lotto keeps things positive so I am not going to rant about how John McCain and the Republican party's policies are screwing the US and its citizens with false promises and false truths under the guise of patriotism.

Therefore, I will highlight a very positive event. Yesterday, three groups of activists from "Iraq Vets Against The War" gathered in Colorado to protest McCain's speech on "foreign policy" (the man can't even get Shiite and Sunni right). The protesters interrupted McCain several times with anti-war slogans (End This War) and signage (Iraq Vets Against The War). Of course McCain gave it a cowboy twist by stating "I will never surrender in Iraq" as if we were actually fighting for something honorable.

Let's hope this isn't the last time we see/hear protests at his speeches. Hey John - We will never surrender!