Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ladies Lotto Seattle

Ladies Lotto Seattle Goes GOURMET!

A small group with large sass met to share gourmet food, war stories and vixen vigor for the third installment of Ladies Lotto Seattle.

The buffalo mozzarella, roasted garlic, red pepper and basil kebabs: skewered.
The daffodils and tulips: artfully arranged.
The shallot bowtie pasta: gobbled.
The ladies: lotto-ed.

Photo (L to R)

Emily Griffin, Sara Jayne, Erika Sunmark, Aumelina, Kristen McCormick, Sarah Hunt

A little bit about the members in attendance:

Emily Griffin - Emily came to Seattle to do music programming for Zune and just released the first album by UFO! on her new digital record label, Sanguine Recordings. She's also worked for XLR8R, hosted a show for KUSF radio, and started Beatsync, a music licensing company.

Sara Jayne - C'est moi. I've written for XLR8R, Blacklist and Minty Magazines, and recently launched a pin-up website called Nautical but Nice. I also design jewelry and still collect stickers (especially googly-eye, glow in the dark and puffy ones)!

Erika Sunmark - Erika is a Producer for Sadis & Vaughn and has worked for Chicago's Post Effects for clients like Nordstrom, MTV and A&E. She also works for a short film production company whose film will be featured at Cannes Film Festival in May.

Aumelina - Aumelina designs sassy-ass (literally) jeans and gorgeous clothing for her timeless and yet timely Karmakazzi line. Think dark denim, elegant embroidery, ruching, sparkly lining and poofy sleeves.

Kristen McCormick - Kristen grew up on an organic farm and has continued her naturally conscious legacy by starting a natural body care company called Ms. Beehave. Kristen will also be the guest speaker at our next Ladies Lotto meeting on May 14. She's going to educate us on what's in our products, the natural beauty industry and going green with business.

Sarah Hunt - Sarah is the charismatic organizer of Ladies Lotto Seattle, Marketing Manager at Oseao Media Group, Director of Marketing at Malamute Records and owns her own artist management agency, Viva Agency Group.

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