Friday, April 18, 2008

Dark Matter Film --Angel An!

Fellow LL'er Angel An has been been (lovingly) laboring over a movie for the last six months, DARK MATTER, which is finally out in theaters. Inspired by a true story, it’s a pointed cross-cultural drama about the travails of a Chinese graduate student in America. Starring the amazing Chinese actor Liu Ye, Aidan Quinn, and Meryl Streep, the movie opened in New York last week to some exciting reviews:

New York Times - “a movie of ideas that does an exemplary job of translating scientific speculation into layman’s language.”

indieWIRE - “director Chen Shi-Zheng’s style is nothing if not assured, presenting Liu Xing’s newfound American home as a wonderland of color and possibility, and occasionally soaring into intergalactic flights of fancy.” - “director Chen Shi-Zheng gets full credit for slamming head-on into any number of hot-button topics in American society.”

Film Comment - “an elegant debut feature by the distinguished opera director Chen Shi-Zheng was the strongest of the fiction films I saw [at Sundance 2007].”

New York Press – “Chen Shi-Zheng and co-writer Billy Shebar’s “cinematic math appropriately employs the actors’ humanity to illuminate the casualness of racial, cultural, institutional and personal injustice.”

Daily News - “Chen Shi-Zheng’s film has a graceful energy, and three strong performances help make this serene drama-and its shocking conclusion-quietly moving.”

New Yorker – “Chen Shi-Zheng’s first feature is a good, old-fashioned downbeat B melodrama, full of frustrated passion and grim forebodings.”

To Angel, DARK MATTER tells an unique story from an unheard perspective, and she hope it will be a revelatory experience for all of you. Please come support it at a theater near you, and spread the word!

Now playing - NEW YORK CITY - Village East Cinemas
Now playing - BOSTON - Landmark Kendall Square
4/18 - AUSTIN, TEXAS - Regal Arbor Theatre at Great Hills
4/18 - LOS ANGELES - Laemmle Sunset 5
4/18 - PASADENA - Laemmle Playhouse 7
4/18 - IRVINE, CA - Edward's University Town Center 6
4/25 - MADISON, WI - Sundance Cinemas
5/2 - SAN FRANCISCO - Landmark Lumiere
5/2 - BERKELEY, CA - Landmark Shattuck
5/16 - CHICAGO, IL - Facets Cinematheque

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