Monday, March 3, 2008

Susan Maria Smith McKinney Steward -Women's History Month

Let’s go wayyyyy back down to history…

The 1860’s was an era of hardship for women, especially women of color. Women were expected to stay at home to tend to their families and children. Professional roles, such as doctors, were not common for women since it’s usually the men’s job. Because of this, let’s honor Susan Maria Smith McKinney Steward (March, 1847 – March 7, 1918) for being New York’s first African American female doctor! During this time, there were only two other female African doctors in the United States. Susan was the first and only woman to attend Long Island Medical College Hospital! During this time, only men went to college. Despite all the controversy and issues regarding the woman’s social role, Susan still pursued her goal and objective in life. Susan also spent a lot of time lecturing about women and Black rights.

Susan’s ambition took her to amazing heights, and her courageous personality is an inspiring factor for all women. Just imagine all of the criticism and prejudice that she endured throughout her life! It’s women like Susan Steward that makes a huge difference in the world.

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