Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sally Ride -Women's History Month

Today, Ladies Lotto is blasting off into space with Sally Ride!

Sally Ride (May 26, 1951) is America’s first woman to ever go into space! The blast-off was taken in 1983, and had the goals of grabbing satellites in space to conduct experiments on. She was one of more than 1,000 women and almost 7,000 men to apply for just 35 places on the 1978 training program and it was there that she met her husband, fellow astronaut Steve Hawley.

Robert Crippen, Vice President for Simulation and Training Systems, said she had been chosen to fly purely on her skills and not for her gender. In his words, “She is flying with us because she is the very best person for the job. There is no man I would rather have in her place.”

The flight was extremely successful, and it lasted for 6 days. Presently, there is a Sally Ride foundation to make a difference in girls' lives, and in society's perceptions of their roles in technical fields.

Thanks for the Ride, Sally!! =)

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