Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kathleen Hanna -Women's History Month

Today, Ladies Lotto is head-banging and moshing to Kathleen Hanna!

Kathleen Hanna (November 12, 1968) is an American musician, activist, and writer. She is best known for starting the Riot Grrrl zine, which became an incredible call to action for increased feminist activity and female involvement in the punk rock scene.

Additionally, Kathleen is the lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre! She’s collaborated with numerous artists, such as Green Day, Joan Jett, and the Ricketts.

Kathleen is an icon of the 90’s, and one can say that we’d never know what punk-rock is without her.

Let’s end this with the following Kathleen Hanna quote:
"The whole idea [of riot grrrl] was that women and girls could define what it meant and that there are a million different ways to be feminist or womanist or to be pro-woman or anti-misogyny and that it's not one person can decide that. We didn't want to be a corporation with a mission statement. I think that was an interesting strategy. People are still defining it for themselves."

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Rachel said...

She's my hero too and I came across this your post as I'm looking for stuff to put in my presentation demonstration for my (art college) students. Way to go.

Have a great day!
Rachel Michaels.